To provide quality service to our customers and agencies we serve.

JETA Payee Services is a non-profit corporation, which is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code. We are bonded and licensed in the State of Washington.

JETA is an organization that provide supportive services for disabled individuals who are not able to manage their finances because of their disability. Our clients are usually referred to us by outside agencies, as well as their own family members. We work with the Social Security, Department of Social and Health Services – Home and Community Services and DDD Services, as well as the VA.

If you would like an overview of what we do, please visit our services page to get an idea of how we operate. If you know someone who needs a payee, please don’t hesitate to either contact us or send the referral our way.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at help@jetapayee.com or to call us at (360) 883-5430.

Benefits of working with us

We are here to help you manage your finances in the easiest way possible. We are fully transparent with when we receive your benefits, work with you on a budget that makes sense and help you remain on time with your payments. We do the following for our clients for full transparency:

  • Keep your money in a separate account.
  • Offer debit cards to customers if they require one.
  • Our support staff are available via email or telephone and generally reply within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your Representative Payee we help you manage your finances and get your bills paid so that you don’t lose your benefits. We will work with you to manage your benefits, create a budget that makes the most sense for you, and ensure that you have housing so that you will not lose your benefits.

Your benefit schedule is dependent on the type of aid that you are currently receiving, generally we receive funds on either the first of the month or the third of the month.

After our initial consultation we work with you to determine which method of delivery is best for you. We offer debit cards with direct deposit as well as traditional mailed checks.

Prior to moving please contact us at help@jetapayee.com or at (360) 883-5430 and let us know that you intend to move, this will allow us to make the proper arrangements and ensure payments are sent to the correct people.