Our Services

We provide the following services for our clients

  • Bill pay
  • Bookkeeping
  • Money management / Budget planning
  • Assistance in applying for low-cost housing and/or special housing programs
  • Payment of rent, utilities and other expenses

We serve the following communities

  • Individuals who live in Assisted Living Facilities
  • Individuals who live in Adult Family Homes
  • Individual who live independently and who are not able to manage their finances due to disability.

We serve individuals who receive benefits from the following government agencies

  • SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance. These are individuals who are disabled or blind and who have contributed to the Social Security trust fund through their work earnings or their spouses or parents.
  • SSI – Supplemental Security Income. This is funded from general tax revenues. Beneficiaries under this program are the aged, blind and disabled people who have limited income and resources. Also included in this program are children under age 18.

For more information regarding the Representative Payee Program, please go to www.socialsecurity.gov/payee.

We also work with the following agencies

  • Veterans Administration – We offer fiduciary services for veterans and family members who are not capable of managing their own finances.
  • Mental Health Clinics/Agencies – We take referrals from Case Managers and Social Workers who have clients who cannot manage their own finances.
  • Private Clients – We offer our suite of services to busy professionals who do not have time to manage their own finances.

We currently do not have a waiting list and are actively taking clients. We typically contact potential clients within one business day of referral, depending on the time of the month. We are generally busiest near the end of the month and may take longer to get in touch with you. Our goal is to develop a budget that fits your needs, making sure all of your bills are paid before any additional money is distributed. If you would like someone to take care of your bookkeeping, we can assist in paying your bills.