Our Process

Prior to becoming your Representative Payee we need to do perform an interview to determine how we can best help you. To help expedite discovery, please fill out our Referral and Consent Form prior to our interview and either email the completed form to us at help@jetapayee.com or fax it to our office at (360) 938-8771.

After determining if we can help you in your situation, we generally work together determine a budget that works for you. This budget includes:

  1. Basic Needs – It is imperative that your basic needs are met prior to other expenses, these include:
    • Housing
    • Utilities
    • Food
    • Medical and Dental Expenses
    • Other Required Basic Living Expenses
  2. Spending Money – We work with you to determine how best to allocate the rest of your funds.
    • We can provide you with weekly, bi-monthly or monthly spending plans – most clients prefer a weekly cadence.
    • We can send you money either via a company provided ATM card, mailed check or direct deposit if a client has an established checking account.
  3. Setup an Interest Bearing Savings Account – We work with you to setup a plan to set aside money for emergency situations.

If your situation changes please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can update our files.